ICT Directorate Profile


Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Directorate of Ethiopian Institute of AgriculturalResearch (EIAR) was reorganized and established as a directorate in 2007 E.C. The directorate is mainly responsible to implement ICT infrastructures, services and systems such as EIAR-Net, website, email, videoconferencing system, digitallibrary (institutional repository of research projects and publications), security systems, internet, bandwidth optimization and business automations (ERP). In addition to these, the directorate is also responsible to provide troubleshooting, maintenance and support services to EIAR community and carry out researches on ICT for Agriculture (e-Agriculture). The directorate is committed to supporting, improving and transforming the way ICT is used across EIAR (Head office and 17 research centers) and provide the best possible experience for researchers and administrative staffs. 


The mission of the ICT Directorate is to support the successful achievement of the Institute’s vision and mission statement through the effective use of ICT resources.

Currently the directorate is working on a number of projects to enhance and expand the Institute’s ICT infrastructure, systems and services and the following are major project currently undergoing:

1.Implementation of Record and Archiving system

2.Implementation of Event management system

3.Implementation of Multimedia Repository System

4.Implementation of Online publication processing system

5.Implementation of Project management system

6.Conference-hall reservation & presentation uploading system

7.EIAR-Net Intranet portal and services 

8.Customization of Hesk online Help Desk System

9.Central database management system

10.News and events update mobile app

In the near future the directorate have a plan to implement and deploy ERP system and different ICT for agriculture applications and service tools. 

Organizational Structure 

The directorate reports to the deputy director general and it is organized in four operational teams, each function with peculiar responsibilities of ensuring that the ICT policies turn into actions, as shown below. 


Currently there are 11 staffs at the head office and more than 30 staffs in 17 research centers.  


Operational areas include

•ICT infrastructure development & services 

•Business application development & administration 

•E-agriculture technology and services

•Customer Support

•Training, consultancy and research on the use of ICT for Agriculture 


EARINet or AgriNet

Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institutes Network (EARINet/ AgriNet) is a national government initiativeand its main objective was to develop a national agricultural Research Network to foster institutional collaboration and partnership amongst researchers, scientists, policy makers, extension workers and farmers. EARINet is initiated to bring information management culture to Ethiopian Agricultural Research Institutes (EARI) so that agricultural scientist can carry out research more effectively by having systematic access to research information available in Ethiopia and beyond. 

EIAR-Net which is a network of 17 agricultural research centers within EIAR is fully administered and implemented by EIAR and currently all the centers are connected via a virtual private network (VPN) which is dedicated for EIAR. 

EIAR-Net portal (, only accessible internally via VPN) has been developed and different services are now available and accessible within EIAR. 

The main objective of the EIAR-Net is to virtually connect all research centers which are physically located all over the country and in the future EIAR-Net is supposed to provide advanced services such as Video Conference, E-Learning, Cloud, GIS and other centralized services.


In Modernizing some activities of the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research using information communication facilities and technologies, the ICT department of the institute has taken various initiatives that will improve effciencies and brings change in the quality of services

The following are a few of the growing of ICT services at EIAR that you should know about and take advantage of:

  • Web Hosting
  • Network design, Installation & Supervision
  • ICT Technical Specification
  • General ICT Consultancy
  • ICT related technical training
  • Software development and Evaluation
  • Agri- Net Services