As a national research institute, EIAR aspires to see improved livelihood of all Ethiopians engaged in agriculture, agro-pastoralism, and pastoralism through market-competitive agricultural technologies.

Major Achievements


Prior to the establishment of FNRRTC, a national rice research project that was undertaken in collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations has generated and promoted different rice production technologies. So far, 36 improved rice varieties had been released for the three rice ecosystems, i.e., 16 for rainfed upland, 11 for rainfed lowland and 9 for irrigated). The Center has released a total of 6 varieties (1 Upland and 5 lowland) from 2015 and 2017.


A number of location-specific agronomic and crop protection recommendations are given. Information on rice disease, insect pests and weeds distribution and prevalencehas been generated. Some mechanical implements like row weeders, harvesters, and threshers are evaluated and recommended. Any best-fit rice technology is usuallydemonstrated, popularized, and pre-scaled in major rice growing regions.