Fogera National Rice Research and Training Center (FNRRTC)


Fogera National Rice Research and Training Center (FNRRTC) is one of the 17 research centers under the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR). Established on August 7, 2013, FNRRTC conducts research, technology generation and dissemination mainly focusing on rice and also on other crops produced within the rice cropping system. Other than crop research, natural resource conservation, agricultural engineering, agriculture economics, technology promotion-commercialization-gender, technology multiplication and seed research are currently being operated by the Center. Since livestock has an immense importance in the Center’s mandate area, the Center also plans to start research on livestock in the near future.


Location: In northwest Ethiopia, in Wereta Town of South Gonder Zone in Amhara Regional State, 55 km from Bahir Darand 607 km from Addis Ababa

Geographic coordinates: Between 11°46’ and 11°59’ latitude, and 37°33’ to 37°52’ longitude 

Altitude: 1,800 m.a.s.l.

Average annual rainfall gain:1,216 mm, unimodal rainfall

Temperature(s): Maximum 27.3 °C and minimum 10.7 °C