As a national research institute, EIAR aspires to see improved livelihood of all Ethiopians engaged in agriculture, agro-pastoralism, and pastoralism through market-competitive agricultural technologies.

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The Technology Transfer and Commercialization Research Directorate (TTCRD) of the EIAR organized capacity building training for extension researchers from 2nd to 6th May 2017 at the Ethiopian Management Institute (EMI) in Bishoftu town. 

The training aimed at building the capacity of the researchers on several issues pertaining to technology transfer and agricultural commercialization, agricultural innovation system and the ‘new extension’, i.e., extension with expanded roles, science communication, ICT and its application for extension communication, facts of knowledge management in EIAR, etc. 

Ato Derese Teshome, Director for Technology Transfer and Commercialization Research Directorate at EIAR explained that the event creates an opportunity to grasp important ideas and basic knowledge for the Institute’s research extension activities in the upcoming planning period so as to bring about a better impact in the implementation of activities. 

In his opening speech, Dr Adugna  Wakjira, Deputy Director General of EIAR, said that the Institute is striving to build the capacity of its research staff with new skills and knowledge, and stressed that much is expected from the trainees to apply and share what they learnt from the training in their research endeavours. 

In the five-day training, the trainees shared new ideas to build their knowledge and understanding on contemporary issues in technology transfer and commercialization. Extension researchers from federal research centres attended the training. 

Upcoming Events

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    Organizer: AGP ll Project

    Venue: EIAR HQ, Training Hall

    From:  June 4-7, 2018

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    Venue: EIAR HQ, Hiruy Hall

    From:  June12-15, 2018

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    Organizer: Agricultural Mechanization Research Directorate 

    Venue: EIAR HQ, training Hall

    From:  June18, 2018

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