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Tapping ICT in Capacitating Research Design and Management 

Training on the use of ICT for Agricultural Research design and management was being held for researchers, ICT staffs and librarian representing from all centers of EIAR on 20th and 21th May 2017 in EIAR, Headquarters. 

The training aimed at building the capacity of the researchers and ICT staffs on the use of ICT for research and administrative activities. On the training current ICT services mainly AgriNet portal services (Integrated events management, Record and archiving, digital notice, institutional repository (DSPACE), Library cataloging (KOHA) and Help Desk support systems) was introduced and participants practically tried the systems. In addition to these, training on data capturing and storage techniques using Filed Scorer mobile application and Breeding Management System (BMS) was demonstrated mainly by referring Melkassa iMachila project experience and considering future project plan of Bill and Mellinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) project (modernizing Breeding Program in EIAR) which will be implemented in six agricultural research centers in EIAR.

Ato Tadesse Anberbir, ICT Director at EIAR, explained that the event creates an opportunity to share knowledge/information on the current ICT technologies for Agricultural research design and management in other countries and to introduce ICT directorate services mainly on EIAR-AgriNet portal. The event also helps to create strong linkage among researchers, ICT staffs and librarian to work together to use the 21st ICT opportunities for managing and disseminating the huge resources available in EIAR and modernize the research activities mainly by capacitating the researchers in ICT skills and knowledge.  

Similar training has been already conducted in seven agricultural research centers (Sebeta, Debreziet, Assosa, Pawi, Tepi, Fogera and Jimma) and in the coming two months same training will be conducted in the remaining research centers and EIAR headquarters.  

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