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Preventing Highland Rivers Pollution for Sustainable Aquatic Ecosystem Development

National Fishery and Aquatic Life Research Center of EIAR and Ambo University in collaboration with Boku University of Natural Resource and Life sciences, Australia, held a discussion forum to review the performance of a tripartite joint project “LARIMA /Sustainable Highland Rivers Management in Ethiopia/ project” on 20th May 2017 at Sebeta town of Oromiya region. The forum was organized with the objective to assess the current status of the project activities towards reaching the goal of preventing highland rivers from pollution and related problems.

The LARIMA /Sustainable Highland Rivers Management in Ethiopia/ project, which is finically assisted by Austrian Development Cooperation Program (ADC), is functioning on main working objectives, such as, generating reliable information on aquatic ecosystem services, capacitating human capacity on pertinent issues, creating reliable and progressive monitoring tools, assessing human health implication of surface water resources, and validating management practices in the area of water resources. 

The project is also working to strengthening the existing linkage among concerned research and higher learning institutes, decision makers, and local communities. In addition to this, the project focuses on collecting and documenting published and unpublished data of different sources on highland rivers resources and utilization in Ethiopia.

During the meeting, research outputs and scientific data were presented on “Microbiological water quality monitoring tools”, “Bio-assessment in a river”, "Microbiology of Aquatic Ecosystem”, and “River Ecology and Pollution“. Technical advisory committee composed of five members from different stakeholders was established to work together on preventing stream and river water pollution and management by creating synergy and partnership. 


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