Ambo Research Center

History: The center was established by a bilateral agreement among the Ethiopian and the then Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) government in 1977 by the name of pathological laboratory. During this time, the research focuswas only on plant diseases. After some years of its establishment Agricultural Entomology and Weed Science research was launched in addition to the plant diseases research. 

In 1989, due to the termination of the bilateral agreement, the center was restructured under the then Ethiopian Science and Technology Commission, now called Ministry of Science and Technology. In 1994,over again, the Center was restructured under the then Institute of Agriculture Research (IAR), nowEIAR. Currently, the Center is working as one of the federal research center of EIAR. 

Total area: 149.215 ha

•Ambo: 78.215 ha (main campus)

•Awash Bole: 67 ha (sub-station)

•Dire Inchini: 4 ha (sub-station)

Location (Latitude/longitude): 8° 57’ N and 38° 07’ E

Agro-ecological zones (AEZs): Temperate (Intermediate high land)

Altitutde:2175 m.a.s.l.

Temperature (10 years): 10.02°C min and 26.89°C Max (Mean: 18.44°C) 

Rainfall: 1018.19 mm 

Length of growing period (LGP): 4-5 months

Soil type and coverage in percent: Vertisols consisting of67% clay, 18% silt, 15 % sand and 1.5% organic.

Coordination role: plant protection research

Distance from Addis Ababa: 116km


Ambo Research Center

Tel: (+251)112362204, (+251)112362036

Fax: (+251)112362325

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P.O. Box 37, Ambo, Ethiopia