Bako National Maize Research Center

History: Bako National Maize Research Center is one of the oldest research centers in the country. It was established in 1964 with an agreement signed between the Federal Republic of Germany and the Government of Ethiopia. The Center is located at 8 km from the nearest District’s town, Bako. Since 1991, the main Center (Bako Agricultural Research Center) has been governed by the Oromia Regional Government while Bako National Maize Research Center has been maintained under Federal Government of Ethiopia. Based on the MoU signed between the federal and regional governments, the two centers have shared common resident house and transportation service, which are under the administration of regional research center. 

Total area: 40 ha

Establishment year: 1964

Location (Latitude/longitude): 9° 06’ N and 37° 09’ E

Agro-ecological zones (AEZs):Mid-altitude sub-humid

Altitutde: 1590 m.a.s.l.

Temperature (min/max): 9°C min and 34.4°C (Mean: 19°C)

Rainfall: 12.45mm

Soil type: Nitosol

Excellence: Maize

Distance from Addis Ababa: 250 km



Bako National Maize Research Center

Tel: (+251) 576-650465

Fax: (+251) 576650267

P.O.Box: 3

Oromia Region