EIAR Welcomes Its New Deputy Director General

The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research held a welcome ceremony on 28 July 2017 for its newly assigned Deputy Director General (DDG), Dr Diriba, Geleti, at the Institute’s headquarters. The DDG, who is preceded by the former DDG, Dr Adugna Wakjira, and became the 8th DDG to lead the Institute at the stated position, was assigned by the PM of the FDRE to EIAR as of July 2017.

The mandates given to the DDG at EIAR states that DDG, among other duties, advises on substantial technical and administration matters and other institutional issues for an achievement of the overall mission of the institute. It also states that the DDG is responsible for the leadership of day-to-day activities performed by the technical, supportive and center directorates and directors, and for assisting in monitoring the timely delivery of research outputs against their plan and longer-term strategies.

In his induction speech, Dr Diriba Geleti recognized and acknowledged earlier management and staff of the institute who he believed played crucial roles in putting in place an enabling institutional setup for the existing national research capability and impact in the country. He stressed on the need to build on such best experiences and learn from unfavorable ones in order to make up a resilient and deep-rooted research capacity and performance in the future.

Stating that the influence of agricultural research in the overall economy of the country could be affected by global, continental or national external factors beyond the Institute’s control, he underlined that everyone in the agricultural research arena should adjust their efforts in a manner that it helps the realization of a smart and responsive research efforts. Building an all-rounded research capacity in a growing global challenge in the agriculture sector is the other area that needs more focus, according to Diriba.

He also called for a more collaborated approach with stakeholders such as MoANR and MoLF to bring about desired changes through an efficient research-extension linkage services, among others. Other issues identified to be addressed by the DDG include: ensuring an efficient use of research finance and resources; putting an accurate and thorough reporting mechanism in place; mobilizing a concerted efforted in core research activities, i.e., technology generation, adaptation and extension; and revising human resource capacity building processes.

Education and experience in research

Dr Diriba received his BSc degree from the then Alemaya University, now Haramaya University, in Animal Science in 1986 EC, and has been serving in research management, forage and nutrition research coordination and research activities for the last 23 years. He completed his MSc study in Forage and Nutrition Science at Haramaya University in 1992 EC, and received his PhD degree in the same discipline from the Addis Ababa University in 2006 EC. He has also attended several other training programs at various institutions during his career.

During his tenure, Dr Diriba has made an unreserved effort to share his knowledge and experience with his counterparts, and has authored/co-authored 4 books, 14 book chapters, 18 journal articles and some 50 other articles, thereby contributing to the flourishment of scientific knowledge in agriculture.