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Major achievements 

During its formative periods, the Institute started agricultural trials in crops and livestock at some selected research centers. Accordingly, the first crop variety was released in 1969 by the then National Crop Improvement Committee. Since then, EIAR has made tremendous efforts to build the national capacity of agricultural research, and to produce, and introduce improved technologies, focusing on fostering agricultural growth and development in the country. 

For the past five decades, EIAR has released over 3000 improved crop varieties and livestock breeds, pest and disease control methods, crop production and livestock husbandry methods, pre- and post-harvest technologies and recommendations by undertaking scientific research activities on various areas in crop, livestock, land and water, biotechnology, climate, farm machineries and agricultural economics. 

Among the major achievements, the release of CBD resistant coffee varieties to in 1960s, the supply of the first superior hybrid maize varieties in 1980s, and the release of yellow rust-resistant wheat varieties in 1990s can be mentioned. Regarding technology extension, it has been able to improve an adoption level of 62-96% in wheat, 56-64% in maize, 76% in tef, 40% in lentil, 26% in chickpea, and 100% in malt barley. In a nutshell, EIAR has served as a technology power house by releasing over 1100 improved crop varieties applied in the national agricultural sector. On account of this reason, the institution has got the National Science, Technology and Innovation award in the past four consecutive years for its outstanding achievements on tef, coffee, wheat, chickpea and lentil, potato, poultry, malt barley, disease control, medicinal and spice research. 

By advancing its scientific research capacity, creating technology capital and ensuring technology security, the institute is working towards meeting the growing demand for agricultural technologies created in different chapters of the journey to the country’s renaissance.