Organizational Setup

The DG Executive Function

The Director General (DG) is the chief executive officer, exercising all the powers granted to him by the Establishment Proclamation of the Institute. The DG provides management leadership to technical directors at the HQ and the center directors of the respective agricultural research centers located at different agro-ecologies of the country. 

The DG is responsible for the management of support services related to personnel, finance, procurement and property management, internal audit, engineering, legal affairs, planning, monitoring and evaluation. He promotes science and development-oriented information communications, and forges external collaborations/partnerships with relevant partners, such as, international research organizations, non-governmental organizations, universities, and private sector entities, etc. 

The DG also reports achievements to the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and relevant standing committees of the Council of People’s Representatives of Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia (FDRE). The Director General seeks the collective advice of the core and support processes as well as research center directors on matters related with research and support, and issues of strategic nature. 

The DDG Executive Function 

The Deputy Director General (DDG) is appointed to assist the DG and take care of various aspects of technology generation, multiplication and dissemination. The DDG advises the Director General on substantial technical and administration matters and other institutional issues for the successful achievement of the overall mission. On top of this, the DDG is responsible for the leadership of day to day routine activities performed by the technical, supportive and center directors. The DDG assists the DG in monitoring of the timely delivery of research outputs against the plan and longer-term strategy. In line with this, DDG ensures the reporting system of research components is consistently maintained. In consultation with the DG, the DDG oversees and approves budget expenditure based on the stated plan, makes close follow up on the budget expenditure and ensures the operation is in compliance with the financial rules and regulations. 


Core Research and Technical Directorates

Research directors are answerable to the DG and DDG, and carry out responsibilities assigned to them. Core research and technical directors guide, coordinate and oversee research in their respective disciplines. The followings are core research and technical directorates of EIAR: 

·         Crops Research Directorate

·         Livestock Research Directorate

·         Natural Resources Management Research Directorate

·         Agricultural Engineering Research Directorate

·         Agricultural Economics Research Directorate

·         Agricultural Biotechnology Research Directorate

·         Agricultural and Nutritional Research Directorate

·         Technology Multiplication and Seed Research Directorate

·         Climate and Geospatial Research Directorate

·         Gender Research Directorate

·         Pastoral, Agro-pastoral and Special Support Regions Research Directorate, and

·         Technology Transfer and Commercialization Directorate

Technical Support Directorates

·         Public Communication and Intellectual Property Rights Directorate

·         Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Directorate, and

·         Knowledge Management Directorate

Administrative Directorates

Administrative directorates are answerable to DG and DDG and carry out responsibilities assigned to them. Their major duties are related with administrative support for discharging effectively the duties and responsibilities of the Institute. The following offices represent administrative directorates of the Institute.

·         Internal Audit Directorate

·         Engineering and Maintenance Directorate

·         Ethics and Anti-Corruption Directorate

·         Finance and Procurement Management Directorate

·         Human Resource Management & Development Directorate

·         Legal Affairs Directorate

·         Reform Directorate

·         Transport Management and Farm Machinery Maintenance Directorate

·         Information and Communication Technology Directorate