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Debre Markos' agricultural research center enumerated tremendous successes promptly.

Observations during the farmers' field day carried out on October 17th, 2020 G.C reveal that Even though The Debre Markos Agricultural Research Center started functioning recently, its achievement becomes marvelous.

The soil of large farms available in the area has been affected by acidity due to frequent farmers tillage practice without proper land management. farmers explained their attempt on using rotation and other traditional ways to prevent the acidity of the soil while increasing productivity simultaneously was not helping.

Using Modern agricultural technologies allows to increase of production and productivity levels and eliminate factors related to soil fertility. The Establishment of the center mainly considers these technological needs in the area Dr. Diriba Geleti, the research deputy director-general of EIAR said.

Sinan and Gozamin Weredas are among the areas where the Debre Markos Agricultural Research Center demonstrate EIAR’s agricultural technologies through a large-scale cluster farming system.

Mr.Yalew Mazengiya, the Director of the Debre Markos agricultural research Center said that Malt barely technology has been produced in Sinan Wereda through large-scale cluster farming in collaboration with Debre Markos University. More than 360 gozamen wereda farmers are engaged in cluster-based large-scale wheat production on 270-hectare lands of the area.

The center has been doing researches on livestock technologies since the areas are rich in diverse livestock adapted to different Agro-ecological zones and contributes significantly to food security and livelihoods.