EIAR Launches a 15-Day Plant Breeding Training for Researchers

The Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural research in collaboration with the Soybean Innovation Lab of the USAID and the Plant Breeding Academy of the University of California, Davis, has launched a 15-day national plant breeding training program at the headquarters on 14 May 2018.

Attended by mid-level postgraduate (MSc) breeding researchers from federal and regional research institutions, the training program focuses on delivering capacity-building theoretical and hands-on training on such topics as statistical analysis; principles of genetic and plant breeding; and methods, principles and interpretations of statistical analysis.

With training, the breeders are expected to further develop their professional knowledge and enhance their capacity of generating improved technologies in the course of their career. That the statistical knowledge they acquire from the training will also enable them to easily analyze statistical data published in various international research publications, it was stated.

The training is delivered by proficient experts with practical experiences in the field of plant breeding, and guest speakers from EIAR and other governmental and non-governmental institutions.