EIAR offers Science Communication and Reporting Training for Public Relation experts and Journalists

OFAB project of EIAR organized a two days training workshop for public experts and journalist coming from different public and private mass media, including TV, Radio, Newspaper and Magazines from January 20 to 21, 2017 at Nexus Hotel, Addis Ababa. The training amid at improving the knowledge and skill of the participants in their science communication and reporting by extracting stories from scientific journal articles, articles in proceedings, books, etc.

Dr. Endal Gebre in his welcoming remarks, explained to the participants about the importance of the training in reaching the general public with scientific information by enhancing the knowledge and skill of the media actors on various topics of agricultural sciences likewise biotechnology. Moreover, he reported the current status of biotechnology research in Ethiopia and the efforts by OFAB-Ethiopia in undertaking information and knowledge sharing activities during the past two years with public experts and journalists of public and private media organizations in the country. The program has been offering such like training for similar groups in two rounds betweenOctober 2015 and April 2016. By these training, he indicated that a total of 57 participants have addressed with pertinent topics. 

Mr. Fisseha Zegeye, EIAR Public Communication and IPR Director, on his opening remarks emphasized the importance of the training in creating wider awareness on different agricultural science topics, including biotechnology using stories, its type, form, and language that the non-experts can understand. The training provides an opportunity for the participants to share knowledge and experiences, and explore new awareness to contribute in bringing the benefits of biotechnology to the development of agricultural sector in the country, he added. In his concluding note, he urged the media in order to create wider awareness on the various research findings of the institute in general and that of agricultural biotechnology in particular among the general public.

Data journalism, Multimedia journalism, Ethical issue in journalism, Make science stories interesting and challenges of collaboration with journalists for scientists were the major topics covered in the training. Finally, the trainees reflected their opinion on the training topics as informative and suggested the need of organizing follow-up training to further consolidate their knowledge and skills on the subject.