KOPIA-Ethiopia center annual activities evaluation meeting

 KOPIA Ethiopia summarized its project Activities Implemented in 2016 During the Annual Evaluation and Experience Sharing Meeting Conducted on 08 December 2016 In Capital Hotel. 

The meeting was aimed at reviewing of five projects being implemented at Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research (EIAR) headquarters, Holetta, Melkasa and Debrezeit agricultural research centers as well as sharing of experiences from Korea.

KOPIA Ethiopia center currently has running five agricultural research projects at different areas in cooperation with EIAR. The collaborative research projects involve  development of high quality tomato varieties in Ethiopia through capacity building and availing appropriate technology; development of Garlic (Allium Sativum L.) production technologies in Ethiopia; development and promotion of apple production technologies appropriate for different production niches through provisions of prototype seedlings and training's on orchard management; development of advanced Korean vegetable technologies that are adapted to Ethiopian conditions ; and development and demonstration of advanced vegetable technologies with the Integration of poultry farming for the women farmers of Holetta. The research activities are being implemented at EIAR headquarters, Melkasa, Debrezeit and Holetta agricultural research centers.

Dr. Seong Sook Han, Director of KOPIA-Ethiopia center, said that the collaborative projects are implemented to adapt Korean agricultural technologies basically on fruit, vegetable and poultry. The cooperation between KOPIA and EIAR is focusing on expanding quality seed multiplication, providing policy support, promoting specialized farmers, providing education and training, promoting international cooperation for support of foreign agro-industries as well as in ensuring agricultural productivity of Ethiopia, Dr. Seong Sook Han added.

In the meeting, studies and project activity reports has been presented for the participants. Participants of the meeting also said that the KOPIA-Ethiopia center has achieved significant results in adopting Korean agricultural technologies, which are suitable for the agro-ecologies of Ethiopia and increase productivity. Finally, researchers from EIAR and working on KOPIA who’s visited Korea with KOPIA-Ethiopia center and EIAR cooperation have shared their experience during their visit in Korea.