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Land leveling work at Debreberhan Agricultural Research Center

Debrebirhan agricultural research center is one of the major agricultural research centers in Ethiopia/Amhara region. Land is a critical limiting factor due conducting better research at the center. While the center has land, much of it is not suitable for field trials. This is when the concept of land levelling comes to action. The levelling of sloped fields prevents the top fertile soil from being carried away by strong winds or washed away by rain water. The levelling of fields also helps in the uniform distribution of water in the fields during the rainy season.

Hence, Supporting Sustainable Agricultural Productivity (GIZ-SSAP) project supports Debre Birhan agricultural research center to level 12ha arable land. In the upcoming seasons, improved trial field will enhance the precision and reliability of trials. This is a key factor for developing well-adapted, high-yielding varieties for Ethiopia’s small farmers.