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VCU and DUS testing validation workshop

Distinctness, Uniformity and Stability (DUS) testing is a way of determining whether a newly bred variety differs from existing varieties within the same species. Value for Cultivation and Use (VCU) testing, on the other hand, concentrates on the performance of the varieties across locations and their value for farmers, e.g. regarding disease-resistance or required input use. In Ethiopia, DUS & VCU tests are not currently implemented in an   independent assessment.

The first step towards applying DUS and VCU tests is to develop country-specific, but internationally acceptable, testing protocols. With support by the Supporting Sustainable Agricultural Productivity (SSAP) project and the Federal Plant variety office of Germany (Bundessortenamt), a team of experts from MoA, EIAR and OARI have developed the first DUS and VCU guidelines for barley and wheat in a validation workshop on 29-30 June 2021 in Adama, Ethiopia. In the workshop, experts provided relevant inputs for the finalization of the protocols. After approval by the MoA- Plant Health and Product Quality Regulatory Directorate, the guidelines will become official technical manuals. These first official DUS/VCU manuals are important step towards improving the system of variety testing and release in Ethiopia.