Holetta Research Center

History: Holeta Agricultural Research Center (HARC) was established in 1966 under the Institute of Agricultural Research (IAR), now EIAR. The Center is located in Holeta town and has two sub-centers and two testing sites. Ginchi and Ada Berga subcenters focus on Vertisol and dairy research, respectively, while Adadi and Jeldu testing sites are for highland crops research activities.

Total area: 396 ha

Establishment year:1966 GC 

Location (Latitude/longitude): 9º 00’ N and 38º30’ E

Agro-ecological zones (AEZs): M2-5 

Altitutde:2400 m.a.s.l 

Temperature (min/max): 6ºC and 22ºC 

Rainfall: 1144 mm 

Length of growing period (LGP): 4-6 months

Soil type and coverage: Nitosols and Vertisols 

Coordination Role:dairy and forage crops, highland (temperate) fruits, acidic soil management, Vertisol management, soil fertility and plant nutrient management, highland oilseeds, highland pulses.

Distance from Addis Ababa (km):29km


Holeta Agricultural Research Center

Tel: (+251) 112370376, (+251) 112370006

Fax: (+251) 112370377

P.O.Box: 31

West Showa Zone,Oromia Region