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EIAR recognizes the former Director of KOPIA-Ethiopia Center 

Receiving and recognition ceremony were organized to welcome the newly assigned KOPIA Director at EIAR, Dr. Do Ham Pae and to recognize the former Director, Dr. Seong Sook Han on 3rd April 2017 at Nexus International Hotel. 

Speaking at the occasion, Dr. Adugna Wakijira, Deputy Director General of EIAR, said that the contribution of KOPIA-Ethiopia center is tremendous, which extends from sharing the Korean vegetable and fruit varieties and production techniques to installing advanced research equipment that support vegetable and fruits research activities at some of EIAR research centers. 

EIAR has recognized the overall support by Korean government through KOPIA center to strengthen our vegetable and fruit research capacity.  And also we extended our appreciation to Dr. Seong Sook Han for her unreserved efforts and contributions for the support we have got throughout her stay at EIAR, he added. 

The Director for Crop Research Process and the KOPIA project leader from EIAR, Dr. Eshetu Derso, informed that the program has supported various research and capacity building activities to select Korean vegetable and fruit varieties and recommend the best varieties that adopt Ethiopian conditions, by doing so, one vegetable variety has accepted and registered by the national variety release committee. The research and support activities have been implemented at Melkassa, Debre Zeit and Holetta agricultural research centers of EIAR. 

In the occasion, best wishes and recognition gifts were handed in to Dr. Seong Sook Han from the Institute, and its research centers, and colleagues; EIAR has officially welcomed the new director for KOPIA-Ethiopia center as well.