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Melkassa Research Center

History: Melkassa Agricultural Research Center (MARC) was established in 1969 as a national horticulture research center with staff members of five personneland land area not exceeding five hectares. Over the years, other important research programs and commodities have been included in the research programthat contributed to improved rainfed and irrigated agricultural development with a main focus on dry and lowland areas of moisture stress and irrigable areas of the country.

Total Area: 275ha

Establishment year: 1969 

Location (Latitude/longitude): 8º24’N and 39º21’E

Agro-ecological zones (AEZs): Arid to semi-arid

Altitutde: 1550 m.a.s.l

Temperature (min/max): 14ºC and 28.4ºC 

Rainfall: 763 mm

Length of growing period (LGP):3-6 months

Soil type: Andosol of volcanic origin with pH ranging from 7 to 8.2.

Coordination Role:Sorghum, Low land Pulses, Lowland Maize, Horticulture (Vegetable and Tropical Fruits), Sericulture, Climate and Geospatial, Agricultural Mechanization, Water shade Management. 

Distance from Addis Ababa: 117 km


Melkassa Agricultural Research Center

Tel: (+251) -222-2502121/222-250214

Fax: (+251)- 222-250213/20

P.O.Box: 436

Oromia Region