Melkassa RC Holds Common Bean Stakeholders’ Workshop

The National Lowland Pulse Research Coordination Programof the Melkassa Agricultural Research Center held its Common Bean Stakeholders’ Platform workshop from June 5 to 6, 2017 at the Center’s premises. The Common Bean Stakeholders and Innovation Platform is one of the commodity-specific platforms set up as part of the Tropical Legumes III initiative, which aims to develop improved cultivars of common bean and other crops in its intervention areas.    

The workshop brought together common bean stakeholders engaged in common bean research, production and marketing with the view to identify the major bottlenecks and opportunities in the sub-sector, and enhance the linkage among its value chain actors in the country. The workshop emphasized technology generation and delivery across the common bean value chain to propose solutions and share responsibilities among stakeholders for an enhanced application of common bean technologies nationwide.

During the launch of the workshop it was stated that platform has an immense value in providing an opportunity for updating the common bean sub-sector actors with the status and trends in the sub-sectors, assessing the marketing, agro-processing, research, and in livelihood impact of already-implemented activities, and plan for future activities.

It was also explained that the Common Bean Stakeholders and Innovation Platform helps entertain stakeholders’ role and share responsibilities in order to measure and plan for an efficient economic and socio-economic impacts within the sector, as set out in the third phase of the Tropical Legumes Program--which is an impact phase.

The fact that the platform is held at a time when preparations are being made for the upcoming planting season has been mentioned as an opportunity for collecting innovative ideas from stakeholder in order to design more impactful approaches and implementation mechanisms for upcoming common bean based activities.


During the two-day workshop presentations on available common bean technologies, technology promotion activities, status/experience of seed producers’, updates on quality maintenance efforts and challenges were presented. Issues pertaining to common bean seed supply, pre- and post-harvest production challenges, production/productivity enhancing/limiting factors, and the status of linkages among actors were also discussed by participants.