Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Ethiopia (OFAB Ethiopia)

Open Forum on Agricultural Biotechnology in Africa (OFAB) is an initiative of African Agricultural Technology Foundation (AATF) initiative under African Union/New Partnership for Africa’s Development (AU/NEPAD) in collaboration of like-minded organizations in 2006 as a platform to facilitate regular exchange of credible information among biotechnology stakeholders. The OFAB-Ethiopian chapter is among eight networks established in collaboration of AATF and EIAR since June 2014.


  • Enhance knowledge-sharing and awareness on biotechnology that will raise understanding and appreciation of agricultural biotechnology and contribute to building an enabling environment for decision making;


  • Network with opinion leaders and policy makers and form linkages
  • Interact with scientific community, farmers, entrepreneurs, for opinion and decision making
  • Explore avenues of bringing benefits to farmers
  • Access current information and relevant resources-materials on topical biotechnology issues
  • Improve understanding of Biotechnology
  • Share views and information on biotechnology
  • Raised levels of awareness - enlightened on GM and related biotech issues
  • Closing gap between scientists, policy makers, journalists and the general public
  • Wider networking and links