Second phase of Agricultural Research Program (AGP II) reviews its supported research activities

The first Annual research and review planning meeting of AGP II was being held from 3rd to 4th April 2017 at Hiruy Hall, EIAR headquarters. Agricultural growth Program II of the research component reviewed its research and capacity building activities taking 16 selected research commodities into account which were registered during the first planning period of the project.  

The Research Component of the project is among the four components of the project that support interventions intended to increase the supply of demand-driven agricultural technologies which directly link to the other components, the project will support. This component is structured in such a way that to support identification of prioritized technologies and the release of technologies to the agricultural extension system; adaptation and generation of proven agricultural technologies through supporting pre-extension demonstration activities; production of source technologies; and capacity development undertakings, both physical and human. 

Opening the review meeting, Deputy Director General of EIAR, Dr. Adugna Wakjira noted that such program is among the projects supported by external fund sources and supported the research system to speed up the generation of agricultural technologies in selected commodities gets national priorities. The project has supported technology demonstration and promotion of these commodities and offered agricultural tractors and field vehicles that contribute to solve our limitations in the area, he added. Moreover, the Deputy Director General (DDG) stressed such like efforts will be successful if implementing research partners be able to complete the activities within the time frame and proper utilization of financial resources provided. 

Dr. Driba Geleti, National Research Component Coordinator of AGP-II, presented the status of AGP-II research activities by taking the progress of completed, on-going and planned activities of the projects. As per the clarification he made, the project performed 92% in supporting identification of prioritized technologies and the release of technologies, 85% in technology transfer, 128.5% seed multiplication and 100% in capacity building activities against the stated plan. 

Coordinator of AGP II program and concerned staff, participants from concerned research institutes, and other invited guests were attended the meeting and made contribution based on the presentation done on 16 selected research commodities that the project supports.