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Agricultural Extension and Communication

  • Drafts technology transfer and commercialization plans, coordinates programs and aligns them with the strategic plans of the institute, ensures that they are in conformity with the interest of the public/government and the interests of local and international stakeholders of the Institute;
  • Advises the research management of the Institute on issues related to technology and knowledge transfer, leads the institutional relations with other governmental institutions and technology users; 
  • Ensures that the institute’s technology transfer plans are in line with its commercialization plans and that their implementation is in aligned with institutional guidelines and national research programs, and that collaborative activities are in line with the strategic directions of the Institute;
  • Coordinates the executive direction and strategic implementation of research technology transfer activities; documents technological information and knowledge; follows up status of technology stock; identifies, through studies, information and technology transfer demands; 
  • Engage and coordinate the involvement of governmental and private sector actors through agricultural; innovation system to ensures the effectiveness of the national technology transfer and commercialization program; 
  • Develops study-based procedures and implementation guidelines technology transfer and commercialization, determines types and levels of relations, develops related strategies on information documentation/organization and technology transfer and commercialization;
  • Strengthens collaborative works with concerned governmental and private institutions in areas of research, technical support and extension services;
  • Plans, coordinates and monitors the implementation of institutional capacity building activities in technology transfer and commercialization;
  • Identifies ways and means of helping for and leading in a successful implementation of technology utilization, capacity building activities, and implementation of reform tools, and identifies and offers transformative proposes, and ensures the implementation of productive reform tools;
  • In collaboration with other processes, identifies capacity building needs that could be met locally or abroad, and follows up their implementation;  
  • Intensifies, at different levels, relations pertaining to research, technology transfer, technical support and extension services