Wondogenet Agricultural Research Center

History: Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center was established in 2009 to conduct agricultural research mainly on Aromatic, medicinal and bio-fuel plants. before this year, the Center was aperfume factory owned by Belgium and France citizens who wereengaged in extracting and producing perfumes and aromatic oils up until1986. Subsequently, the Center was operational under the then Ethiopian Chemical Corporationand Ethiopian Biodiversity Institute (EBI) up to 2003. Since then the center had been served as sub-center for Aromatic Oils Research Center up until 2008. In 2009 the Center was upgraded to a level of research center under the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research. 

Land Holding (ha): 113.5 ha, that is,forest54.3 ha, open woodland 19 ha, field site trial: 31.9 ha, field genetic bank 3.1 ha, built up area, 4.6 ha, road 4.6 ha

Location (Latitude/longitude): 7º19' N and 38º38'E

Agro-ecological zones (AEZs): H3(Tepid humid highland)

Altitude: 1760-1920 m.a.s.l.

Temperature (min/max):11.5ºCand 26.2ºC

Rainfall: 1372mm 

Length of growing period (LGP):210-239 days

Soil type and coverage: Luvisols (sandy loam with pH 5.2-7.7)


Coordination Role: Aromatic, medicinal and bio-energy plants

Distance from Addis Ababa (km): 270km



Wondo Genet Agricultural Research Center

Tel: (+251) 46-119-07-02

Fax: (+251) 46-119-12-45,

P.O.Box: 198 Shashemene, Ethiopia 

The Center is located in the SNNPR Region