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Werer Agricultural Research Center

History: Werer Agricultural Research Center, the then called Melka Werer Agricultural Research Station, was established in 1964 by the Research Department found under the Ministry of Agriculture. It was established to conduct research on cotton crop with the objective of giving support to the Cotton Farms established in Awash Valley. After two years, the station was transferred to the newly established Institute of Agricultural Research (IAR) in 1966. Presently, the center is one of the federal agricultural research center conducts research activities on Cotton, Oil Crops and Irrigated Agriculture.

Land holding:56 ha Research Farm: 200 ha Residence: 47 ha other purpose

Total: 301 ha

Location (Latitude/longitude): 9º16'N and 40º9'E

Agro-ecological zones (AEZs): AI (Hot to warm humid low land)

Altitutde: 750m m.a.s.l.

Temperature (min/max): 26.7ºC and 40.8ºC

Rainfall:590 mm

Length of growing period (LGP): 3-5 Months

Soil type: Vertisols and flui-soil

Coordination Role: Cotton and irrigated agriculture crops

Distance from Addis Ababa: 280 km


Werer Agricultural Research Center

Tel: (+251) 221-140276/221-140272

Fax: (+251) 221-140278


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